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How to: International Orders & Shipping

You want to order from us to another country and you don't speak German? No problem! We ship to every country in the world.

You have three options:

1. Write us an e-mail to with the following information: the products you want (name and/or product number) and your name and address including the country. We will then send you a mail with our bank information so you can wire us the money. As soon as we get the money, we will start processing your order.

2. Call us at +49 30 484 77 888. We speak English and are glad to take your order on the phone! If you have any other questions, you can of course also call us.

3. Order it yourself through our shop! We have a guide on how to do it with screenshots and explanations in English right here.

Visual Guide to Ordering Through Our Shop

Found a nice piece of jewelry or an accessory you fell in love with? Click on the product(s) that you like and put them into your shopping cart by clicking the big "In den Warenkorb" button next to the product image.

How to put products into your cart

Ready to order? Click on the "Warenkorb" in the top right corner to go into your shopping cart. Check if you have everything you want in the overview.

How to get to your cart

Click on the big button "zur Kasse gehen" to initiate the checkout process. Between all of the following steps you click the button that says "Weiter", which means "continue".

How to proceed to checkout

Now choose "Ich möchte als Gast einkaufen" if you want to order without an account. If you wish to create a melovely account for future orders, click "Ich möchte ein Kundenkonto anlegen". If you already have a customer account, simply put in your e-mail address and your password.

How to order without login

In the next step, you fill out your "Rechnungsadresse", which is German for billing address. "Andrede" is the term of address you wish - "Herr" is "Mr." and "Frau" is "Mrs."

Then, we require your first name (Vorname), last name (Nachname), your company (Firma) if applicable, and your street address including the number of your house (Straße / Hausnummer). We also need your zip code (Postleitzahl), your city (Ort) and your e-mail address.

Please make sure your e-mail address is correct! It's our most important way to contact you. You get all the info about your order through your e-mail address.

If you wish to have the item shipped to your billing address, simply choose "Lieferung an diese Adresse" at the bottom - if you want it to be shipped to a different address, choose the other option "Lieferung an eine andere Adresse" and enter the desired address.

How to put in your billing address

Your country is the next important information. Choose your country from the dropdown menu:


Austria Österreich
Belgium Belgien
Brazil Brasilien
Denmark Dänemark
Finland Finnland
France Frankreich
Germany Deutschland
Iceland Island
Ireland Irland
Italy Italien
Japan Japan
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Lithuania Litauen
Luxembourg Luxemburg
Monaco Monaco
New Zealand Neuseeland
Netherlands Niederlande
Norway Norwegen
Portugal Portugal
Spain Spanien
Sweden Schweden
Switzerland Schweiz
UK Vereinigtes Königreich
USA Vereinigte Staaten
United Arab Emirates Vereinigte Arabische Emirate

We also ship to other countries! Simply let us know where you live and we will see if we can arrange it.

This is what your completed form for the "Rechnungsadresse" should look like:

Filled out billing address

In the next step, choose the only option, which is "Standardversand mit DHL", and then click "Weiter". International shipping is only 8,95 € within the EU and 9,95 € outside the EU. If you want a free Greeting card, check the little purple box!

Which shipping method to choose

How to make a free greeting card

Next, you choose your payment option. "Vorkasse" means "advance payment" - we send you our bank info and you manually transfer the money to us from your bank account. "Paypal" is, well, PayPal :) And "Kreditkarte" is credit card. If you choose credit card, put the name on the credit card into the box "Kreditkarteninhaber", your credit card number into the box "Kreditkartennummer", the validity date into the box "Gültig bis (Monat/Jahr)" and the check digit on the back of your card into the box "CVC (Prüfziffer)".

How to fill out credit card info

Click on "Weiter" and advance to the final screen. Look at your address, the items and everything else. If something is wrong, click the "Ändern" button to change the info - if you forgot a product, click "Warenkorb ändern" at the bottom

How to change your info at the last step

You have to check the box that says that you accept our AGB (general business terms) and then you are ready to order!

To finalize everything after you check your data again, click the "KAUFEN" button at the bottom right. Your order is all done, yay! :) You will now receive an e-mail that also contains your order number and includes all the important information.

How to agree to our business terms

If you have any trouble, please feel free to contact us. You can send us a mail to or you can call us through +49 30 484 77 888! We'll be happy to hear from you. :)

And finally: Please note that shipping to a non-EU-country may result in customs duty.

And that's how you order to another country on!