Agni Tilla - founder of MAY28th

Time for another "Designer Spotlight"! In this instance of our series, we talked to Agni Tilla - founder and creative director of watch label MAY28th. Famous for its colorful, creative watch designs with crazy patterns and inspiring quotes, the label MAY28th from Estonia surprises us with all-new ideas all the time. Let's jump right in!

How did you become a designer and entrepreneur? Did you go to a design school or did you learn the methods on your own?

I studied Medicine and Communications, so my education was quite far from design and entrepreneurship. However, I was always interested in creating things with my hands. That's how I started MAY28th - just playing around with materials and figuring out how watches work.

Where did the idea to create watches with colorful and creative designs come from?

I think that nowadays, watches are more like an accessory than a timepiece. Not every minute counts, but style does! So when I started to create watches, the patterned face without any numbers felt like something new and fresh. And I thought everyone should be able to create a watch. That’s how the customization platform started.

You have moved your studio often – Canada, Latvia, USA, Spain. What does traveling, seeing the world and living in different places mean to you?

Traveling and living in different cultures means so much to me and to my work. I love to experience everyday life in different parts of the world and understand myself better while being open to the change and adventure.

Which famous person would you like to design a custom watch for? Or did you maybe even design a watch for a celebrity already?

There are quite a few famous people that we have worked with, such as Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars and Daren Criss from the TV show Glee.

Have you ever thought about making jewelry with statements and graphical patterns? Or do you want to stick with watches?

Yes, we are actually expanding our line and adding textiles, jewelry and some stationery to our collection this summer!

Can you tell us something about the creation process of a new watch design? How do the different parts come together?

The inspiration comes from everywhere, but usually it starts with a mood board, where I put colors and textures I like - and then the process begins.

We heard you have plans to do more with Berlin maps and designs – can you tell us something about that?

Yes, for example, our Barcelona map is now also available as a bike seat cover, washi tape and a notebook. We are planning to expand all our favorite city maps collections in this way - including Berlin, of course!

Do you have a favorite watch design right now? For example for summer outfits or for your casual everyday look?

I love our our new improved SILK collection that is launching now. The material is lighter and silkier than previously. Also, the rosegold and silver watch faces are more minimalistic and elegant than before.

What do you think will be the "in" graphical element in Summer 2017 – we’ve seen monstera plant leaves, cacti, flamingos… Any exciting newcomers?

We went with a Swimming Pool theme for Summer 2017, so maybe everything related to beaches and pools: stripes, water and silver elements are in.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions!

Thanks for having me.

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